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Upcoming Bollywood Movie Projects from IMA Pictures:


A Bollywood Film Project of International Film Festival standard! We are still casting young actors ages 8-20. Are you interested in collaborating in filmmaking with us in any way? Are you interested in sponsoring us? We are still looking for sponsors for monetary donation or product placement. This film is going to be unlike anything you have seen in Bollywood so far... Get ready, get involved, get in touch. Please send us E-mail to: ImaBombay@gmail.com or ImaPictures@gmail.com.


An IMA exclusive production. Set to be a provocative, artistic movie with an edge. This movie pushes the limits and takes Bollywood to a new place in filmmaking. To be directed by Mr. Rituporna Ghosh. Interested to know more about the project? Contact us per email to: ImaBombay@gmail.com.

THE ULTIMATE TRUTH: A mindblowing forthcoming movie production of IMA Pictures, movie title: "THE ULTIMATE TRUTH", an Art Film & unique Film Production under the banner IMA PICTURES about searching for the truth. This will be a film about the true essence of "The Ultimate Truth of Karma". We analyse the time-tested truth in the form of an exploratory Art Film. Why are certain individuals not yet in the lime light?... Are they searching for truth?...What Happend?... Why did it happen?... How did it happen?... An undiscovered lime light story line for an answer for someone who wanted to find the truth, but hasn't yet... Interested in collaboration in our forthcoming Bollywood movie project: "THE ULTIMATE TRUTH" in any way?? Plz email us to: ImaBombay@gmail.com or ImaPictures@gmail.com.