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IMAPictures.com SERVICE - The service is provided by IMAPictures.com and you understand and agree to the followings: (a) if you choose to register, you must submit a valid e-mail address, contact details, address, tel. no., and please select a username and password during the registration process, (b) you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password, and all uses of your account - whether or not you have authorized such use; (c) you agree to notify IMAPictures.com immediately of any unauthorized use of your account and (d) you are at least 18 years of age, or you are a legal parents/guardian of the user accepting these terms. If you are a legal parent/guardian of a user 18 years or younger, ensure that you enter and approve all informations, and that your e-mail address and contact informations are used at all times to properly monitor incoming and outgoing informations regarding your child. IMAPictures.com will not be held liable for any loss or damage for non-compliance. In addition, you understand and agree that the contents of all users, including your content, will be collected, aggregated and anonymously integrated into the IMAPictures.com services. You understand and agree that, unless expressly stated, IMAPictures.com in no way verifies or endorses the informations contained on or in the IMAPictures.com services. 2. REGISTRATION PROCESS - If you decide to register for the service, you must complete the IMAPictures.com payment/registration screen. As part of the registration process for the service, you agree to: (a) provide certain limited information about you as prompted to do so by the service (such information is to be kept current, complete, and accurate); and (b) maintain and update this information as required to keep it current, complete, and accurate. IMAPictures.com reserves the right to delete accounts created by users who appropriate the name, likeness, e-mail address, or other personally identifiable information of another individual. IMAPictures.com reserves the right to refuse service to any user. 3. USER CONDUCT - You agree to act responsibly and to treat other users and members with respect. Any disrespectful usage of the site towards other users or members should be immediately reported to IMAPictures.com. IMAPictures.com does not support bandwith theft, copying content from IMAPictures.com, in doing such activities permanent deletion of membership from IMAPictures.com without notice or refund money and may necessitate the notification of the appropriate state and or federal authorities. 4. CONTENT - You are FULLY responsibly for any content you post with IMAPictures.com website, including but not limited to: personal profile(s), pictures, e-mail messages, and the consequences of any such content. You are aware that if you voluntarily disclose any personal information (username, e-mail address, phone number, etc.) in a public manner, that information can be collected and used by others and may result in unsolicited messages from other parties, and shall therefore be teh sole responsibility and liability of the poster. You understand and agree that IMAPictures.com may review from time to time and delete any content that violates this agreement or which might be offensive, illegal, or harm the safety of or violate the rights of other users and members. Deletion of any membership for violation of these mentioned reasons may be done without notice or refund at the discretion of IMAPictures.com. 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Failure to adhere to this restriction will result in the removal of the material, and the deletion of that member profile. encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offense, gives rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable local, state, national or international law or regulation transmits or posts any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, spam, junk mail, chain letters, etc. transmits or posts any content that infringes upon patents, trademards, trade secrets, copyrights or other proprietary rights transmits or posts any viruses or material designed to disrupt, limit or destroy any functionality of any computer software or hardware of users, members or the IMAPictures.com service collects, stores, or solicits information about other users or members for commercial or unlawful purposes or engage in commercial activity such as contests, sweepstakes, etc. without IMAPictures.com prior consent advertises any illegal services or the sale of any items prohibited or restricted by applicable law has misleading e-mail addresses or other manipulated identifiers to disguise its origin If you are exposed to such prohibited material, you agree to immediately notify IMAPictures.com and you waive your right to any damages related to such exposure. 5. FURTHER PROHIBITED CONTENT - IMAPictures.com will not tolerate any promotion of other services Recruitments other than our contents related services! In your your profile you are not allowed to advertise any other website or to add any advertisting contents with your photo composite! If we notice as such that your profile will be delated without any notice, and though being a paid member, you will not get any refund of money because of your inappropriate conduct as you agreed not to do so. 6. IMAPictures.com is under no obligation to provide exposure to competing sites or other methods in portfolio and may remove those at its discretion and without notice. The IMAPictures.com networking system is intended for work related offers and general inquiries related to or leading to work or further discovery. Promotion of inappropriate services, and goods is not an appropriate use of the networking system will not be allowed with our website. 7. 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The duration of the membership minimum Twelve months once you are registered with us for FREE, and once you hv decided not to be member with us any more even for FREE membership before the expiration of the period of Twelve months, then you hv to pay us a panelty charge of Six Hundred usd for the compensation of man power & cost of FREE promotion of your portfolio through our website, and other related expenses. 9. GENERAL TERMS - These terms and conditions and any disputes arising out of or related to the service and sites shall be governed by, and construed and enforced in accordance with, the laws of the State of West Bengal of India. By your usage of, or your posting to this site constitutes your agreement to, but not limited to, the current conditions listed in this agreement.