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Everyone wants to feel sorry for a street kid from afar, but whenever we get too close, who do we really see? Do we see a child who has endured more struggles than the average fully grown man, or do we see a burden on society? Follow Amit, a young village boy turned street kid due to the adverse and unbearable circumstances of his short life, as he seeks refuge in escape only to find a whole other world of hardships.


Money?... Love?... Deceit?... When you are a single woman living alone and trying to make ends meet in a big city, a little comfort seems almost justifiable. Beauty and youth – its almost innovative way to use your resources. Yet, someone is always bound to get hurt and no matter how much you convince yourself it won't be you, can you really ever be sure? Esha is a young and beautiful, but struggling to survive day to day. When she meets Nikhil, an older, established man, she thinks she has found the comfort and support she's never had, but things are never as good as they seem. Esha is certain she is only trying to keep her head above water, but it seems like she is sinking faster than she ever thought possible.

THE ULTIMATE TRUTH : How can you escape your past when you don't even remember it?.. Divya is a young woman who has a new life haunted by that of her old…or at least that is what everyone tells her. This goes around that she has lived her whole life in an upright manner of honesty, dignity and integrity, yet time and time again Divya carries the unbearable burden of suffering. Friends, relatives and strangers alike all blame the course of events that occur in Divay's life as a penitence for her wrong doings that she had committed in a previous life – when her soul dwelled in another body! Gurus tell her that her only option is to carry on through the course of this life living as decent of a life as possible and attempts to have better in his next. Yet, the thought of waiting and hoping for a future life she cannot yet see, leaves Divya bitter and unsettled... Question arises in her heart and she demands to know more. Is her fate truly predetermined, or is it society's way of quieting those under injustice? Is the Ulitimate Truth of Karma as Karl Marx predicted of all religions, nothing more than opium for the masses? Follow Divya as she sets on a journey to find the truth for her own form of liberation...