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Casting services:

If you have a feature film or any projects, IMA Pictures & Cinemawood.com, UploadedFace.com, Bollywood Acting Agency, Indian Model Agency will assist you for your casting needs and actors requirements. IMA has a number of experienced casting directors and can provide you with professional casting director services for anything from feature films to print/hoarding advertisement, Fashion Modelling, Events hosting, celebrity appearance and performance, Brand Endorsement as Brand Ambassador, TV Commercial Modelling, Video Music, enz. For any queries please contact us through email: Film-AD-Production@ImaPictures.com , CelebrityManagement@BollywoodActingAgency.com. For International business deal, do contact us, email us: ceo@WedentGroup.com.

Casting director's Role & IMA Pictures!

What is a Casting Director?

The casting director usually gets some direction or basic instruction from the director of the film, so he can make decisions about who will best fit these roles. It may be as basic as ?I need a 20-30 years old woman with pep and a great smile? or it may be an in-depth female character sketch outlining the entire essence of the role.

Most people associate the casting director with casting big name stars for film and television productions, but the job of the casting director requires much more than finding the next Kareena Kapoor or John Abraham. A casting director must work on filling the roles of all spoken parts in a movie or advertisement. The main goal of the casting director is to employ people who will fit with directors, and possibly the producer?s artistic ambitions. The casting director may only be present at the last audition, but he/she is usually responsible for making the final decisions.

The Casting Director has one of the most important jobs in show business. From the beginning of a project, right through to its conclusion, they will be working to help pick the very best singers, actors, dancers, musicians or models to make the production work.