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Film Distribution, Acquisitions and Film Rights
IMA Pictures will provide the services related film distribution deal and film rights sale?.the following things describes about film distribution and film rights sale:

IMA Pictures act as an agent for multiple copyright owners. We are dedicated to identify, evaluate and help sell film rights. IMA Pictures staff will help you negotiate the terms and conditions and make sure you get the best value for your money. Our team will make sure your rights are protected and nobody will take unfair advantage of your product.

IMA Pictures will compose the business contract to protect both buyers and sellers.

Film rights are the rights under copyright law that allow a filmmaker to produce a copyrighted piece of work. We protect writers from being taken advantage of, as well as protect the rights of the company that purchases the script. IMA works to fight against intellectual theft, plagiarism, and fraud.

If you have a film you think the world needs to see, please contact IMA Pictures Distribution department. we have extensive contacts in film distribution. We offer your films to various international/national buying films which can visit the unique link of your movie.

Film Distribution is a growing industry. Signing a distribution deal prior to production of a feature film is a major plus point when raising finance. If an investor sees that your film already has distributors anxiously waiting to promote your film, it will make him/her more eagerly interested in your project. Film distribution differs from television. In the world of film, the best route to distributors is by first appointing a sales agent. The sales agent will then attend festivals and markets where he or she sells the film in return for a commission based on a percentage of the money earned from the deal with distributors. Ultimately, the better distributors, the more places your movie will show, and the more places your movie shows, the more people will watch your movie. You cannot have a hit without a great team of distributors promoting your movie.

Are you looking for correct distributor for your product? If yes, please contact IMA Pictures Team, We have the expert distribution team to your featured films and products.

Principle of a Distribution Agreement:


Distribution Fee

Distribution and Marketing Expenses

Advances and Gurantees





Security Interest

Return of Materials


IMA Pictures will provide the Satellite Rights, Theatre Rights, Video Rights, Cable Rights , and Exhibition rights to your movie. Exhibition Rights are the rights to exhibit a finished motion picture commercially to the audience.

Film Shoot Coordinator Services
IMA PICTURES PICTURES is in the filmmaking business and is a Bollywood Filmmaking Production Company. We have Partner Filmmakers & Producers worldwide. We will provide you film shoots related services like Studio hire, Outdoor shooting organization, Appointing crew, Location services ,Sound equipments, Lights, Portable and Silent generators, Camera Persons, Sound recordists, Film technician, Hotel Accommodation, and other Film shoots coordination support .Please contact us for Bollywood & Hollywood Film Shooting Coordination. Send us E-mail to: Film-AD-Production@ImaPictures.com, ImaPictures@gmail.com.

Film Shooting:

IMA Pictures can take over the production on turnkey bases, which involves setting up a production office, permits of district, state. We know the problems of shooting on location and have designed a resource specifically for film-makers. IMA Pictures have experienced and professional Multilanguage people who worked with Bollywood and international projects understand better needs of crew.IMA Pictures team will help you regarding locations as per the requirement of your script and budget.

How to shoot a film:

Shooting a film is a lot like setting up and managing a small artistic factory. Each member of every department needs to be in sync with all others and ready to work on cue. Shooting a film requires that you organize and plan for every contingency so that the shoot stays professional, on time, and within the budget.

IMA Pictures will help you to pick a right location. Picking the primary shooting location might be the most important step of the whole movie. IMA Pictures team will help you in everything from hotel booking to shooting permission. You name it ? we can do it!

IMA Pictures has a solution that can benefit all filmmakers, regardless of your situation.

IMA Pictures have the team to support filmmakers grant program to encourage the production of independent films.