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For Film Production Outsourcing, IMA Pictures is the first unique solution in India. We rise above the rest when it comes to working in a sophisticated and timely manner. We excel in professional filmmaking with our expert & experienced Film Production Crew, Casting Directors, Film Directors, Music Directors, Music Band, Scriptwriters & talented new faces. We also have a number of experienced IMA Artists & Actors.

We can provide you a number of services for filmmaking. Whatever you need, we can do it. We also offer affordable packages for COMPLETE FILMMAKING SOLUTIONS. This means we work alongside you and your team from the very start. IMA can help you completely organize the Film Production and undertake every task along the way right up until the film is ready for the theatres at which point our expert marketing team will take full responsibility for all Film Marketing and Promotion. This complete package allows you, the film investors, to minimize your production costs in film producing without forcing you to make compromises in efficiency & expertise. IMA has not only a capable team, but an exceptional team. You can trust every member of our team will take on the project with a passion and a dedication you won?t find elsewhere.

Our Expert Production TEAM enables you by providing you unique services. We have the staff and the expertise to work on the film from script to end product. Our services can include post production film promotion & advertising, enz. IMA PICTURES is the total solution to reducing your film budget, minimizing your film production cost, and maximizing your profits. We are the only production house to include everything you need ? from Artists/Talents to Film Crew. Amongst the Bollywood Film Industry, we are a production house set apart from the rest.

IMA Pictures will provide services for all productions and outsourcing from start to finish. With IMA Pictures you will breeze through legal formalities, get all options for artists, crew, technicians, equipments, studio hire, and shooting locations as per your requirement.

IMA Pictures will provide you with the following services:

Marketing and Distribution: the main goal of filmmakers is to advertise their movie to the world through movie trailers, posters, banners, etc? Even if you have made the best movie around, it won?t matter if you don?t have the right marketing team behind you. Just like all businesses, failure or success largely depends on marketing the product. Your movie is your product, and having reliable marketing experts behind you is your key to ultimate success. IMA is dedicated and experienced in marketing on a variety of levels. Not only will we create high-quality trailers and posters, but we will come up with a number of innovative ways to promote your movie on all fronts. Further, our team has all the right connections to ensure your film will land in the hands of all the right distributors worldwide to maximize the number of viewers.

Film locations: IMA Pictures team of Location Coordinators can find and organize your location quickly and with minimal fuss. We know all the ins and outs of finding the perfect location! You just tell us what you have in mind and our location scouts and location managers will find you just what you are looking for. All of our location scouts and managers are highly experienced in film, direction, photography and events. Grants and Subsidies Do you have a grant-worthy project? Does your project address certain issues that may make you a candidate for special subsidies? IMA can help you find money for your project in the most unsuspecting places. Permits and permissions Dealing with the bureaucratic paperwork necessary to hold a shoot in some locations can be a nightmare, but IMA can make it smooth sailing. We can help sort out even the toughest of permits and make it possible to shoot at locations you never thought possible. Want to shoot in a rail station? Consider it done. How about in a private resort? We?ve got you covered. Whatever you need, we can do it.

Project Budgeting: Two of the greatest errors a moviemaker can make go hand in hand: budgeting and scheduling. IMA experts offer professional, accurate & proven movie budgeting & scheduling expertise to move your production from script to screen. No matter what kind of film you intend to make, we can help you iron out all the details. Whether you are making a low budget indie film or a high budget studio project, we offer the most detailed production film budgets, schedules, and reports around.

Contact us regarding your needs and we will put together a custom movie budget package for you.

Transports and Hotel Accommodations New to the town where you are holding a shoot? Why hunt around for a hotel or travel agent to sort out all your travel needs? Sit back, relax, and let IMA take care of finding transportation and hotel accommodations that suit your budget.

Cast and Crew: We will provide camera assistants, camera operators, craft services, director of photography, art directors, assistant directors, lighting directors, sound mixers, script supervisors, set decorators, still photographers, wardrobe supervisors etc..

Casting Directors: The main goal of a casting director is to employ people who fit the part. IMA talented casting directors will look high and low to find the perfect actor for all of your movie?s roles.

Music Directors: IMA works with a number of music directors from every continent. Just let us know what kind of sound you have in mind and we are sure that we have a director perfect for you.

Music Band: IMA has an assortment of musicians ready to create the beats you need to succeed.

******If you are a talented individual with skills that you think would be an asset to IMA, then please contact us at imapictures@gmail.com

Scriptwriters & Talented New Faces etc?

IMA Pictures partners with industry leaders from various countries to provide you location and excellent production facilities. Our location and production managers will be responsible to take care of your production needs. IMA Pictures partners with industry leaders for film productions and promotional events. If you are interested in partnering with IMA Pictures please contact IMA Pictures through email: Film-AD-Production@ImaPictures.com , manager@BollywoodActingAgency.com.

To add value to your production, please contact IMA Pictures Team.

Partner Filmmakers IMA PICTURES is a production house striving to be a leader in the filmmaking business. We are a Bollywood Filmmaking Production Company with partner filmmakers & producers worldwide. We are always looking for other Partner Filmmakers, Investors, and Financiers for our other upcoming film projects. Please contact IMA Pictures for Bollywood & Hollywood Filmmaking Collaboration.

IMA Pictures exists to help make the lives of independent filmmakers a whole lot easier. We help independent filmmakers connect with independent musicians, directors, producers, investors, filmmakers, financiers and artist?s worldwide seeking exposure in film. Combined with our sites www.IndianModelAgency.com, www.BollywoodFilmMarket.com, filmmakers have the ability to raise extra money for their projects. Our bottom line is that we assist independent filmmakers worldwide.

Benefits of the service: There are a number of reasons why choosing IMA Pictures might just be the best choice you?ll ever make in the movie industry, but the main reason is because we make it easy for you to achieve your goals. IMA provides you with everything you could possibly need to make your film a success.

IMA Pictures is filled with filmmakers seeking to make independent films.

IMA Pictures welcomes filmmakers to join our team to make your success and benefits in Bollywood & Hollywood film industry.

Post your latest projects through E-mail to: ImaBombay@gmail.com,
Email us: Film-AD-Production@ImaPictures.com for
International business deals: Tel: manager@BollywoodActingAgency.com .