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IMA Pictures will provide you film funding and financial services:

Ima pictures will provide the simple procedures to finance a movie for filmmakers & bring investors to a negotiation in filmmaking business object. All the services of investments must be worked out between filmmakers and investors & IMA Pictures. IMA Pictures[http://www.imapictures.com] do screen films, however, to make sure that they have appropriate package before passing them on to our investors.

Film financing depends on the project and whether third parties are cash flowing part of strike price for the project. IMA Pictures welcome the Investors & Film financiers to invest for production of a film.

IMA Pictures will help independent filmmakers in funding and financing an independent film production and our team will teach you how to go about movie fundraising. With IMA Picture film funding and financing an independent film production manual, you will be able to understood why a business plan is necessary for feature film financing, understand the funding sources available to you, pros and cons of each, understand how and why specific creative teams are formed for film projects, understand the independent film financing model, and also have the knowledge you need on movie fundraising and independent film funding.

IMA Pictures will provide you with a well documented plan on how to fund and finance an independent film.

IMA Pictures will help you to real Investors & Film financiers who actually invest and provide funding for small business.

Why should I join IMA Pictures Investors & Film financiers?

There are many reasons for joining in IMA Pictures, but the most significant reason to ever invest in anything is for return. Here at IMA pictures, we donít waste the precious money of our investors; we value every dollar, pound, or euro invested. Unlike many production companies that throw money around on expensive artists, first class plane tickets, 5 star hotels, and poor scheduling and planning, we at IMA know how to reduce expenditures to ensure that investors like you get the most for your money. We have policies to ensure complete transparency for our investors. Honesty and business integrity is at the core of who we are.

Further, we at IMA invest our own private funds in every production. Why? Because we believe in what we do. While we could exclusively produce a number of our films, IMA invites investors and film financiers to take on a partnership in every production we make because we believe there is strength in partnership. Whether it be a Bollywood film or film festival entry, IMA opens the door to outside partnership on every production we make. Why? Itís simple. We want to make the best production possible, and we want to do it every time.

IMA Pictures as a sister concern of www.IndianModelAgency.com, www.BollywoodFilmMarket.com can easily outsource excellent Bollywood Artists. We also have all sorts of resources for Bollywood Artists and Entertainers. In a nutshell, we have everything you need for creative and sophisticated film making. Having all of these services under one banner reduces the budget of a film to ensure the maximum profit.

IMA Pictures runs a cost efficient production company without ever compromising quality. You will get everything you ever needed/wanted out of a production companyÖ only, when you choose IMA, your pocketbook wonít be emptied.

IMA Pictures has a vision to equip film industry related professionals with access to banks, investors, power brokers, private equity, equity funds, film financiers and entertainments industry key dealmakers that are actively involved in funding independent film makers movies.

There are four main methods of raising finance for the production of a film

Government grants:

More often than you would realize, governments are willing to provide subsidies for filming that is to take place inside of their country. The rationale behind it is that they hope the film will attract creative individuals to their territory and stimulate a unique kind of employment. Films can also act as an advertisement for a particular location and thus attract international tourism.

Government subsidies are often pure grants. This means unlike investors, the government expects no financial return.

Tax Schemes

Debt Finance

Equity finance