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For Filmmaking in Cost Effective way with our IMA Models, Artists, Actors Talents we can play a vital role in participating in film-making industry to handling risks & cost-efficiencies! We can take film making contract from any investor & filmmakers over the globe & providing you our Expert's consultancy to make your film product of high quality for theater success & filmmaking business object so that Film Financiers feel comfortable with the film-producers to minimize their risk of filmmaking! So feel free to contact us for filmmaking consultancy with the film Industry professionals, Film Directors, Casting Directors, Artists, Crew, Music directors, Film investors, and help to you to make BUDGET Bollywood film production with high skilled Bollywood Film industry professionals & Artists! Email us for filmmaking collaboration & for film contract, and to outsource your filmmaking solution.

If you are into film industry or shifting your position within it, you may need the information and advice of an experienced professional who has been involved with all phases of production, distribution, financing, and filmmaking and audience research. IMA Pictures offers consulting service to fill those needs, IMA Pictures offers consulting & contracting in following phases:

How to finance your movie?

If someone wants to make a Bollywood or Hollywood movie, first they should know how to finance for that movie and how to raise the finance, there are some methods like debt finance, text schemas, equity finance to raising finance for the production of a film.Ima pictures will help you how to finance a movie over Bollywood and Hollywood.

How to find a distributor who will actually get your film into the market place?

Distributor is one who works on marketing strategy, distributor works with publicist to coordinate articles, to develop posters, press kits and other material.IMA Pictures team will help you finding experience and professional distributor for your feature films in Bollywood.

Film Production: all phases including direction, locations, writing, acting, cinematography, editing, scheduling, budgeting, all forms of planning, etc.?

Does your script confirm to film industry standards?

How can you submit it to talent or agents or financing sources?

How do you protect your script rights?

Protect your script rights, film rights is more important while you?re starting a movie, If your script is not protected there is also some possibility that someone could make a storyline and script that's almost a 100% similar to your script. One best way to protect your script and film rights is registering with the Indian Copyright Office. To protect your script and film rights please contact our Ima Pictures team.

Developing your project from idea to screenplay to finished film?

We will help you to finish your film from starting to ending through following services over Bollywood and Hollywood: artists & crewing services through our sister networks WWW.INDIANMODELAGENCY.COM  & WWW.BOLLYWOODFILMMARKET.COM, directors, financiers, locations, camera mans, investors, hotel accommodation etc?

What is a business plan and how do you prepare one?

What the Film Business Strategy works?

Implementing a successful business strategy is depends upon understanding how the finance is raised, the cost and profit implications, how the revenue flow, understanding the film industry value chain, how it impact on your feature film business. What is IMA Pictures' Consultancy & Film Contracting Services?

Ima Pictures' involvement in filmmaking with Industry professionals into Bollywood & Hollywood Film Industry how does it work?

Now a day's saturated entertainment market place, simply making a great film is not enough.

Intense competition for screens and, more importantaly,viewer's attention, leaves little chance to develop an audience over time.IMA Pictures offers a way synergize the efforts of producers,studios,investors and all financing partners towards clearly articulated marketing goals. To reach your goals in film industry please contact IMA Pictures through mail: Film-AD-Production@ImaPictures.com , or ImaPictures@gmail.com. For International business deal, email us to: Film-AD-Production@ImaPictures.com.