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IMA Pictures welcomes all types of Artists, Models & New Faces who are looking for a chance to show their talents in their related fields in Bollywood Film Industry.

Our vision is to break down the elitism amongst the Bollywood's film fraternity, and bring the new faces into Film Industry. We are trying our best to give our IMA models & BFM models breakthrough into Bollywood Film Industry.

We welcome any and all filmmakers who are looking for new and talented artists to work in their film.

IMA Pictures will provide you artists and crewing services. if you are looking for talent, photogenic faces, artists, musicians, singers, camera operators, directors, film crew, music directors, dancers, choreographer, cameramen, technicians, & other film related professionals. Pease contact us through mail:IMABOMBAY@GMAIL.COM, IMAPICTURES@GMAIL.COM. For international artists and crewing services please contact our IMA Artist & Celebrity Manager.

Why choose IMA Pictures?

IMA Pictures have all types of talented artists [hero, heroine, comedians, side artists, junior artists, musicians, singers, camera operators, models & film-related artists], IMA Pictures works in collaboration with out our sister networks, WWW.INDIANMODELAGENCY.COM  & WWW.BOLLYWOODFILMMARKET.COM to provide the best possible Artist & crewing services. Welcome Artists:

If you are talented professional in any of the following fields: acting, dance, singing, camera operations, direction, modeling, or music, then join with IMA Pictures Team and rise to success in Bollywood.


The director who is responsible for the acting in the movie and managing the creative elements. Do you think you have what it takes to succeed in the field of film direction? We are looking for candidates who are the good creativity in direction to take in Bollywood. Contact us now!


The assistant director manages the shooting schedule and logistics of the production. If you have the creativity and good work in assistant direction field, contact IMA Pictures to get your big Bollywood break.


The casting director finds actors for all of the parts in the script. It is the job of the casting director to find the best person for the role. Do you think you have the passion and the knowledge it takes to make a good casting director? Contact IMA Pictures today.


The choreographer creates new dance routines and develops his/her own interpretation of existing dances for musicals and other forms of entertainment. Choreography also deals with other styles of movement necessary throughout interpretative productions.

Do you think you have creative, innovative, talent in dance? Please join IMA Pictures team and find success in the Bollywood Film Industry.


A musician plays music. Musicians play a number of roles in the creation of music. Musicians have varying levels of activity and ambition is music, which often makes music both a hobby and profession.

Do you think that you are creative musician? Please contact IMA Pictures team to become Bollywood?s next big musician.


The actor who acts in a dramatic production and who acts in Film, Television, Stage Theater. The actor refers to one who acts, while actress is refer to female who acts. If you are good at acting, contact IMA Pictures. We need individuals from all walks of life, and every ethnicity to play meet all of our casting requirements. We love beautiful faces, but we always have roles for every individual. We are looking for new faces with talent, beauty and potential. We want to help make you the next big Bollywood Star. If you are a talented actor with the skills to put on a good performance, sign up with us today and we will find you appropriate opportunities within the Bollywood & Hollywood Film Industry.

A film producer is a person who creates the rules, regulations and conditions for making movies. The producer is involved throughout all phases of the filmmaking process from development to completion of a project. The producer supervises, coordinates and controls matters such as artist?s selection, fundraising, arranging for distributors.

?Producer? is considered the chief head of the staff, where ?director? is the in charge of the team for a Film/Video.

The definition of producer is the person who typically has the greatest involvement and oversight among a film?s various producers.

Co-Producer: the individual who generally reports to the Executive producer. A co-producer mostly involved in day to day production.

Associate Producer: Acts as a representative of the Executive producer. He will share financial, innovative and creative responsibilities.

Assistant Producer: The person who works under the direction of Associate Producer.

Administrative Producer: the person who reports to the Board of Directors. Freelancers are employed by the Administrative Producer for some tasks like design, production management etc.

Director: The person responsible for all of the acting in the movie. The director manages the creative elements and he is the person who gives directions to all the artists how to act for particular scenes.

Assistant Director manages the shooting schedule and logistics of the production.

Casting Director finds actors for the parts in the script. He is responsible for finding artists as per science.

Location Manager finds and manages the film locations.

Director of photography creates the photography of the film. He/she cooperates with the director.

A Screenplay is written plan authorized by screen writer

The major components of a screenplay are action, dialogue and scene set-up. Action is what we see happening. Even the minutest detail is written into a script ? ?Jason picks up the glass?. It may seem mundane, but it is important to add every little action to the script so that every member of your team knows what is going to happen next. Dialogue is what we hear.Scene set-up allows the reader to visualize the mood, atmosphere and location of the scene. The scene set-up includes a full description of the area. Any props that are necessary in the scene must be mentioned in the scene set-up so that the director/ crew remembers to place them on set. Scene set-up may also describe characters visually. Screenplays may not involve emotion-related descriptions and other aspects of the story that are, in fact, visual within the end-product. Screenplays in print are highly formal, conforming to font and margin specifications designed to cause one page of screenplay to correspond to approximately one minute of action on screen; thus screen directions and descriptions of location are designed to occupy less vertical space than dialogue, and various technical directions, such as settings and camera indication are set apart from the text with capital letters and/or indentation. Professional screenplays are always printed in 12-point courier.

Following some resources are need to making movie:

How do you pick locations for Films/Videos?

Finding a location that matches your script is a very important element of making a movie. Think about ? picking the wrong location can change the entire feel of a film. What if ?Lost in Translation? was set in America instead of Japan? Or what if ?The Constant Gardener? was filmed in Kuwait? The entire logic behind the plot would change... and so would the entire essence of the film. But choosing a location goes far beyond just choosing a country. It also means simple things like choosing the right bar for a scene where friends meet up for a pint of beer. Would thrifty college students go to an overpriced, hi-so wine and cigar lounge? No, they?d go to the local watering hole. All of this is part of the location hunting process.

If you aren?t from the city, town or country where you are shooting your film, it could be difficult to find the right location. If you don't have a location that will work, ask your friends the people who well know regarding locations. If they don't, drive around and look for the right place. If you find the perfect location as per your script, ask the concerned persons for permission to use the area. More than likely, they will allow you to shoot at the location with little or no money value attached. Sometimes, you can even get a place to pay you if you shoot at their location. Just think what a perk it is for a company to have a big movie scene shot right on their premises! It?s advertisement and advertising has a price tag?so sometimes you can collect!

If you need a soundstage, you may want to ask the local music venue or performing arts theatre. These places are great, as they come with equipment too. The only problem is that they usually won't let you use it unless you rent it. The costs for renting stages are not cheap, but it may be your only choice.

Where do you find actors?

Before you start your Film/Video, you need to find all of the necessary artists as per script. Use people you know in film industry and related film institutes. If you are a new filmmaker, try to find some students of acting who may have not had the chance to showcase their ability in a real production, but who are eager to try. An artist?s ability is always growing, so if your actors aren?t perfect right away, don?t be discouraged. With the right coaching, actors can easily learn how to play their part.

How much does the cost to produce a minute or two minute Films/videos?

Cost to produce a minute or two minutes films/videos depends on what you want to do. First, check out what you have, and then look at what you need. If you don't have it, get creative. Remember, it just needs to look good on camera, it doesn't matter what it looks like in real life.

Where do you get the money to make your Films/Videos?

If you have good script then no need to worry about money to make the movie. You will be surprised at how many people are ready and willing to fork over cash to produce a beautiful script! You may want to find a sponsor if you're doing a big, Bollywood-size feature film. You can search for corporate sponsors who will pay you for displaying or having characters use a particular product in the movie. This may come in handy, but sponsor contracts often have a lot strings attached. Read through all of the stipulations carefully. Just don't spend more money than what you have to.

Where can you show your films/videos?

Once you are done with your film/video, you want people to see it! This can be done through marketing. The first and easiest idea is to show a bunch of your friends and let your film gain popularity through word of mouth. If your film is good, before you know it, more and more people will want to see your piece of art. Another way to get your name out there is the internet. Capture your film on a computer and hand it out all over. They are very stringent on their choices for films, but if you can get in there, you're going to be exposed twice as fast.